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Aug 31, 2013 7:00pm EDT
texas to the union. during that time, she was able to sway john c. calhoun, who was a contemporary of my mother's from south carolina, and she was able to sway him to vote for the annexation of texas. and she worked on henry clay, but i don't know whether she was really successful. biji took henry clay out to dinner. and this is a woman without a chaperon, a president's wife, alone having dinner with henry clay, and she did not mind at all. and she wrote her mother a letter, which i think it's priceless. she said, mother, mr. clay was a little insulting. when i told him that my husband wanted him to vote for the annexation of texas, he said to me, i am wide taxes should not be an efficient -- and next but i -- and i replied, my husband is both. john tyler was born in charles city county. he purchased his house and came down here once before he retired from the presidency. he and julia gardner were married. she said, the hand of god and nature have been kind to my sherwood forest, but i can improve upon it. and she did. she had the moldings imported from italy. shad the mantelpiece is
Aug 17, 2013 7:00pm EDT
for the annexation of texas. the tylers have a lot of children. >> it is what kept them apart for a great deal of their married lives. john tyler was constitutionally incapable of being out of public office. he was addicted to it so left her at home to run the family, to run the business, and to continue to manage this incredible group of children they had almost from the very start. >> running their plantation would have been how large an operation? >> one of the issues is a are always on the very edge of solvency, so they never live one place more than 10 years. they are always moving around. they own between 30 and 35 slaves, and they are growing wheat and corn for about 600 acres to 900 acres, and that is between plantations. they then moved to the other side of virginia, so they are continuing to try to figure out a way during these striking economic changes to the country and go into what is going on in 1837, to find a way they can keep their heads above water, and with john tyler gone for so long and so often, six months out of every year while the is in public office, this l
Aug 18, 2013 12:00am EDT
up next from irving, texas. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. when did we start -- taxpayers start paying for private prisons? who started that program? since we have a lot of people in jail from smoking pot, which is now becoming legal, it seems kind of silly. that population could be reduced. the private prison industry started in the mid- 1980s when prison operators came to state and local governments. it has actually been much more -- the growth has been with the federal government rather than the states. democratice for both and republican administrations, very rapid growth. there is not a lot of people in prison for smoking pot. a lot of them get arrested for possessing or selling marijuana, but the drug offenders in most ,risons are there for cocaine crack, heroin, methamphetamine. it doesn't necessarily mean they need to be there. we do need to separate out how we look at these issues. guest: before our time is up, i wanted to make one important point which i've talked about. we have identified many areas that we can agree on, republicans and democrats, c
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3